A toilet, shower or sink anywhere in your home.

With the Saniflo range of small-bore macerator pumps you can add an extra shower room, kitchen or utility facility almost anywhere. Browse our full range to the right for more information OR use our new INTERACTIVE diagram below – just roll over each area of the house for more information and links.


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Saniflo is a macerator pump for a toilet in a basement, loft or anywhere in your home. Instead of routing waste through a drain in the floor like a conventional toilet, the toilet flush water drops into a sealed macerator pump. A fast rotating cutting blade breaks up waste and toilet paper, converting it into a fine slurry. The slurry can then be pumped through small bore pipes to the sewer or septic tank.

A Saniflo toilet pump is the easy way to add a loo into your home. The pump runs for a very short period and produces about 55 decibels. The pump offers vertical pumping to 4 metres and horizontal pumping to 50 metres, making it suitable for use in a basement conversion or other applications where vertical pumping is required.


Saniflo Sanialarm at Pumpmaster


For added security. The new Saniflo SaniAlarm warns you if the water in the macerator rises to an unusually high level.


Visit the SaniAlarm page for more details.
Saniflo Descaler at Pumpmaster


  • Specifically created for use with Saniflo products
  • Harmless to septic tank op
  • Laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid
  • Concentrated solution for optimum cleaning power
  • Regular usage prolongs unit life and maintains efficiency

All Saniflo products hold a 2 year manufacturer's warranty subject to correct usage/installation