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With an ageing population and fast-changing lifestyles there is an increasing demand for sanitaryware that meets the needs of every family member, from small children to the elderly and disabled.

To help satisfy this demand Saniflo has launched a range of ‘inclusive design’ products under the SaniLife brand.

SANILIFE offers high performance products that are simple to install and extremely versatile.

Sanimatic W.C., Sanilife Basin, Traymatic and Showermatic

As life expectancy increases and there is a huge shift in the demographics both here and throughout the Western world, we are getting older and living longer. In consequence there is an increasing demand for products to improve the quality of life for the less able either through disability or the natural ageing process. These products enable them to remain in their own homes, where formerly they may have needed to be re-homed into a care-home or similar.

Sanilife enables practical modifications to be made to a bathroom to enable the elderly and less abled person to remain in their own home, but the nature of the design makes them perfect for use by the whole family.

The Showermatic enables the installation of wet rooms and shower tray installations almost anywhere.









All Saniflo products hold a 2 year manufacturer's warranty subject to correct usage/installation