Sanimarin Toilet motors are available in 12volt or 24volt versions for direct current.
On some models (SN Elite, SN48, SN35) a 100volt or 220volt AC motor can be provided as an option.

Total time required ECO 10 s / NORMAL 19 s
Water consumption ECO 1.2 litres / NORMAL 2.2 litres
Pumping height ECO 3 m / NORMAL 3 m / EMPTY 3 m
Horizontal pumping distance ECO 30 m / NORMAL 30 m / EMPTY 30 m
Minimum pressure 1,7 bar
Current consumption 12 V (260 W) 20 A / 24 V (260 W) 10 A
Electricity Consumption Cycle ECO Elec 0.02 Ah (12V) 0.01 Ah (24 V)
Cycle NORMAL Elec 0.03 Ah (12V) 0.02 Ah (24 V)
Assumes average use by 4 persons
Electronic control Yes
Empty Operates continuously until the button EMPTY is released


  • Specifically created for use with Saniflo products
  • Harmless to septic tank op
  • Laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid
  • Concentrated solution for optimum cleaning power
  • Regular usage prolongs unit life and maintains efficiency

All Saniflo products hold a 2 year manufacturer's warranty subject to correct usage/installation